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  • adjustable sun & rain shading
  • classical energy saving hanging clothes dryer
  • Energy saving hanging clothes dryer
  • remote hanging clothes dryer
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Product Introduction :
  • Depending on your need or space size, you can choose single, double or triple stainless pole hanging clothes dryer and you can hang more clothes with our products.
  • You can hang clothes inside ,and these products are very useful and energy-saving for drying clothes in all weathers.
  • These products have special non-knotted patent for the pulley and it is easy to adjust it to the ascending and descending position by the rope. 

Specification :

  • Support bracket : stainless material
  • Single pole
  • The distance of the pole is extended to 1700 to 3000mm.
  • The request of spacing size :
    L 1700mm(above) * W 500mm(above) *H 3500mm(below) [If H is over 3500mm, you must choose a longer-rope product]
  • Carrying capacity : 20kg